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Tactical First Responder Course

  • 450 South Franceville Coal Mine Road Colorado Springs, CO, 80929 United States (map)

This introductory course has been designed and intended for any individual with basic medical knowledge and skills to treat wounds that are common in defensive encounters and other emergency situations. Through both Lecture and scenario-based training, students will gain the confidence to be able to react to, assess, and treat a variety of injuries.

What You Will Learn

•   Combat Mindset

•   Physiological Response to Combat

•   Preventing and Treating Common and Non-Combat Related Injuries

•   Litter, Drags and Carries

•   Basic Anatomy and Location of Major Arteries

•   Identifying and Treating the Different Types of Bleeding

•   Identifying and Immobilizing Broken Limbs

•   SCAB and Treating Compromised Airway

•   Treating Gun Shot and Knife Wounds

•   Improvised Treatment Methods

•   Constructing your Personal IFAK