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Advanced Handgun Course

  • Lytle Creek Firing Range 1210 Lytle Creek Road Lytle Creek, CA, 92358 United States (map)

Advanced Handgun
The Advanced Pistol course is intended to enhance the abilities of those pistol shooters who have already mastered the basics. Beginning with a short refresher on basic skills, and then expanding into advanced levels of weapon handling and marksmanship, advanced pistol shooters will learn comprehensive methods to more effectively employ their pistol. The Advanced Pistol course is ideal for hobbyists, competition shooters, or any pistol shooter who has the desire to become more proficient beyond the basic level.
What You Will Learn
¥ Combat reloads
¥ Tactical reloads
¥ Multiple threats
¥ Body armor drills
¥ Facing drills
¥ Moving and shooting
¥ Shooting around cover
¥ Unconventional shooting positions
¥ Shooting from barricades
¥ Offhand shooting
¥ Strong hand only
¥ Close quarter instinct shooting
¥ Basic concealed shooting
What You Need To Bring
¥ Pistol of reputable brand name
¥ Duty and open holsters are acceptable, a concealable holster is also required
¥ Minimum of three high capacity magazines (semi-auto) or speed loaders (revolvers) or six low- capacity 10 round magazines
¥ Magazine holders
¥ Belt
¥ Jacket or long shirt suitable for concealment
¥ Wraparound ballistic eye protection
¥ Ear protection (electronic is preferred)
¥ 500 rounds of weapon-specific ammunition
¥ Positive attitude
¥ Willingness to learn
¥ Ability to follow simple instructions

¥ Tactical vest/plate carrier or Battle belt
¥ Knee pads
¥ Durable clothing (511s, boots, heavy-material, long-sleeve shirt)
¥ Wet and/or cold weather gear
¥ Sunblock
¥ Weapon-cleaning gear
¥ A water bottle or other hydration system
¥ Sack lunch
¥ Note-taking material