Basic Carbine

The Basic Rifle course instructs students on safe management and proper handling techniques. Given a rifle, students properly engage targets up to 50 yards while implementing basic marksmanship fundamentals. We will focus on body positioning, safety, marksmanship, as well as cleaning and care of the weapon. This class is a one-day comprehensive course of training using a combination of lecture, practical dry fire and live fire shooting. 

What You Will Learn

  • Range rules and safety
  • Disassembly
  • Functions check
  • Zeroing and utilizing iron sights
  • Nomenclature
  • Maintenance
  • Load/unload
  • Fundamentals of marksmanship
  • Assembly
  • Malfunctions
  • Qualification

What You Need To Bring

  • M4 (one per student)
  • Three 30-round magazines or Four 10- round magazines
  • Tactical gear and equipment
  • Sling
  • Magazine holders
  • Wraparound ballistic eye protection
  • Ear protection (electronic is preferred)
  • Belt
  • Positive attitude
  • Willingness to learn 
  • Ability to follow simple instructions
  • Pants and proper range attire
  • 200 rounds of weapon-specific ammunition (No Steel core or AP ammo)


  • Ball cap
  • Knee and elbow pads
  • Durable clothing (511s, boots, heavy-material, long-sleeve shirt)
  • Wet and/or cold weather gear
  • Sack lunch, snacks and water
  • Sun screen


This course lasts 1 day.


The cost per student is $150.00