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Active Shooter Awareness - Corporate CoursE

This 2-hour course teaches employees what to do in a dangerous Active Shooter situation. We teach the course at your business location to save time during your business day and also allows the instructor to demonstrate drills on site using the setting of your office location.

Employee safety is a top priority. This course also helps keep companies in compliance of local laws including OSHA and Cal OSHA.  

Topics covered

The course contains an informative presentation with video materials and has live, interactive demonstrations.

  • How to respond during an Active Shooter situation: Run, Hide, Fight.
  • What to do when law enforcement responds and are on site
  • How to develop a preparedness plan for Active Shooter Situations
  • Hide demonstration - instructor will walk students through the process of proper hiding in the room
  • Fight demonstration - Instructor provides an opportunity for students to fight in a safe, controlled environment.

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